Avintec Company

We offer custom software development services, doing solutions fully adapted for you. We do it efficiently, on time and within a reasonable budget.

Our company is a team of professionals in IT, which focuses on the most effective solution for the customer. We know very well how to create reliable products and are confident that we can solve your problems.

Key benefits

  • 1 High quality provided by a well-organized development process and compliance technologies
  • 2 Extensive experience in creating software systems
  • 3 Competitive prices
  • 4 Reasonable deadlines
  • 5 Transparent development process to the client

Software development

Development of custom software allows you to get some serious advantages, most significant among them is the ability to automate non-standard business processes and integrate this with the existing IT infrastructure of the company. Bcause custom software is originally adapted to the information system of the customer.

Development of custom software has focus on the customer. In the customly developed product you receive all of the functionality necessary to solve your specific problem. Comapred to excessive flexibility of the off-the-shelf products.

Custom creation takes in account all the  requirements for automation. Our experts are capable of creating a soltuon to become and ultimate ready-to-use tool.



Outsourcing software development has become a very popular and very successful practice of allowing companies to create competitive solutions with a significant reduction in cost and development time, as well as other advantages:

Great talent

In order to develop the software to be successful, you must have highly skilled employees. The companies focused on prodividng such services have teams of professionals who know how to work cohesively on software projects. An experienced team will give excellent results, benefiting from efficient interaction and deep knowledge of the latest technologies.

Concentration on core business areas

Software development may not be the main focus of your business. By withdrawing these activities out of your company you can free up your resources to focus on the main goals.

Flexible Resource Management

Obviously, you do not need the same number of specialists at each stage of development. In the presence of the own team this means the need for cuts or financial losses due to inefficient use of resources. In case of outsourcing these services team size felxibly varies depending on the current task. This works fine for contractor as well due to redistribution of resources between projects.

Effective risk management

Studies show that one-third of software development projects do not reach success. More than half of the projects are carried out in excess of the budget up to 75%. This is because the process of development is affected by many factors, and the risks are quite high. The company, which has streamlined the process of development and experience in the implementation of projects can significantly reduce these risks by recognizing the problem at an early stage or even preventively. This gives you confidence that the project will be completed on time and within budget.

Cost cutting

Creation of in-house development team and it's management together with building necessary infrastructure is an additional obstacle to the goals and way to significantly exceed the budget. Outsourcing rates are usually lower compared to the over all costs of running the in-house team.


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